The People Collection is a refreshingly eclectic and unique blend of Pop/Rock/Funk/R&B, infusing contagious hooks and melodies in a way that will grab and keep your attention. Their debut album is scheduled to be released in 2019!

The Story

Front-man, James Wright, never took the early plunge into the music industry that so many artists attempt to do at an early age.  Instead, he did the college thing, built a successful business, and started a family.  The innate love for the craft of songwriting never went away though, and, in fact, it was a deliberate and substantial part of his daily routine as a younger adult.  There was a season, however, when life found a way to push the music to the bottom of the priority list.  

"Music is everything to me as a person.  I always knew at some point I would take my chance to do something with it, but during that particular chapter of my life I became so disheartened (not being able to play much at all) that I was ready to sell my guitars and hang it up." - James W.

One evening in 2012, James met, who would become, a very close friend that became a habitual writing partner.  Evening after evening, after the hours of work and family activities, they would both write numerous songs over the next several years.  James' renewed passion during that growth period was the catalyst that inspired him, not only to begin performing his music throughout the  Hampton Roads, VA community, but release his "Self-titled EP" in August of 2015.  The project gained very positive local attention. 

One night at a show, bass player, Joshua Hensley, approached James about putting together a band to build a bigger sound around James's more acoustic-natured songwriting.  Eventually they took the plunge.  James and Joshua went on the hunt for a drummer, and knew Corey Pavlosky was the guy for the job on the first, and only, audition. 

"There is a chemistry that has been there since day one; not only on stage, but off of it as well.  I love when fans approach us and comment on their observations of it during a show.  It's so cool because they are seeing what we're feeling." - James W.

In late 2016, The People Collection was formed.  With James's songwriting at the core, Joshua and Corey have brought an array of talent and influence that have shaped the music into something absolutely unique and different.   They are currently in the recording process with Echodog Studios in Richmond, VA and planning to release their debut album in 2019.


James Wright -vocals,guitar

Joshua Hensley -backing vocals,bass

Corey Pavlosky -drums